10 ways to successful networking

A mum's guide to networking on and offlineBack in the day I used to own 1/2 of Networking Mummies. I loved networking and I will fully admit that it provided me with a lot of business. After Olive was born and I decided to sell my half, I was happy to take a back step networking.  Now Olive is at Pre-School and I have some more time on my hands (haha! Yeah right!) I’d like to get out there and mingle with some new people!  I’ve never stopped online networking but sometimes you just need that face to face banter.

I’ve written before about networking your way to success – but in case you missed it here are 10 top tips!

  1. Make yourself approachable – be confident & chatty.
  2. Keep eye contact and make responses to people so they know you are engaged and interested.
  3. Sheryl Andrews suggests “Go with the intention of who can you find business for. Who would add value to your service if you told your clients about that person. Listen more than you talk. Only hand out business cards or leaflets when they are asked for.” Step by Step Listening
  4. Ask open ended questions – this stops the person your talking with just replying yes or no and can help encourage conversation to flow.
  5. DON’T hard sell – unless the group has a 5 minute pitch/introduction session leave the sales patter at home.
  6. “Networking is about building relationships – don’t try and sell. People need to know, like and trust you before they do business with you.” Amanda from Your Executive Secretary
  7. Wear a badge – not all events will provide them, it can make it easier for someone to approach you outright – or have head shot as your social media avatar making you instantly recognisable.
  8.  “Smile it shows confidence and opens the way for communication. Makes people feel comfortable.” Amanda from Your Executive Secretary
  9. Don’t be a stranger – social media,Facebook & Twitter enables you to continue conversations, re-introduce your business and develop relationships.
  10. Enjoy yourself!

What do you think makes face to face networking successful?

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