3 reasons why you should add Press Release as blog content


In my post 6 ways to promote your business before half term I talk about press releases and how useful they are as a promotion tool. But all to often we write one then send it to a few press contacts and that’s the end of that.  I send out numerous press releases and have found that the return is very small.  BUT don’t let your hard work go to waste.  Think of other ways to utilise them.

Check out my handy How to write Press Releases PDF 

PR .. DIY or Pay as you Go?I always suggest adding your press release to your website/blog as content OR even having a dropbox file with all your press releases inside – linked on your website.

  1. Adding your press release to your blog/website as readable content enables readers to like, tweet and share socially – already increasing the audience reading it.
  2. You are then able to tweet the link to journalists/newspapers/magazines, during # hours such as #DorsetHour / #HandmadeHour / #SmallBiz / #SatChat – it just takes one person to read it and use it!
  3. You can tweet or Facebook share the content and use relevant # to enhance your keyword search – never underestimate who is looking for stuff online using #

Do you have any clever ways to use your Press Release?

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