40th Birthday Giveaway

When I sat down 3 years ago and wrote my #40before40 list I thought I’d be celebrating all my achievements with one massive 40th birthday party! But thanks to the sh*tshow which has been 2020 so many of my plans have been cancelled. Las Vegas, Iceland, Hot Air Balloon Ride, 40th Birthday Party. Whilst these are things I can and WILL be doing at a later date it’s really easy to feel, well basically crap! BUT hey! I’m 40 for a whole year.

From my list of 40 things I actually achieved 18, half completed 3 (like going to a WHAM tribute concert just not taking Megan! #sorrynotsorry) 4 are rescheduled for next year and a few are so nearly there! But most of all I’ve had the most amazing time sharing these experiences with my friends and family. For a woman who works with words, I can’t actually find any suitable to express how much I appreciate every single one of you (blubbing now!). Here are just a handful of memories; 

  • Climbing Snowdon with David and Charlie.
  • Cycling 1000km with Megan over 2 months (WTAF!) 
  • Finishing and publishing my long awaited second book “Networking A Successful Small Business” during lockdown! 
  • Paddle boarding even bought my own paddle board! 
  • Donating blood not once but 5 times! 
  • Turning on the Christmas Lights! Dream come true! Thank you Lee! 
  • Horse riding (even though I hated it!) with my super wonderful friends! 
  • 🔥 Walked on Fire! 🔥
  • The list goes on …. read more here #40before40 Three Years in the Making

So instead of feeling sad, I asked some of my super, amazingly, wonderful small business friends to help me share the love! So for 22 days from 1st October until 22nd you can enter some amazing giveaways. Each giveaway runs for 7 days so the first winners will be announced from the 8th October and the final giveaway will end on the 28th – if I haven’t completely lost the plot by then! Also if Boris allows I do plan on enjoying my birthday so maybe silent from 22nd-26th! 

All that’s left to say is Thank you, I love you all, go win a prize! 



Relax & Revive hypnotherapy session from Sea Change


£20 voucher for Be the Creator
Signed copy of Networking A Successful Small Business