5 tips to kick your website back into action using free google resources

Like everyone I signed up to google analytics and webmaster tools (now search console) back in the early days of starting my business because lets face it that’s what all the information tells you too do! Nearly 8 years later and I’ve no idea how to utilse these facilities or how to make my website better. Don’t be like me here are 5 tips to kick your website back into action using free google resources!

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  1. Meta Descriptions : I thought Charlie Moo’s was looking pretty good with the old meta descriptions until I used webmaster tools/search console CORRECTLY! In search console, click on the website you want to look at, on the left hand side a column appears choose search appearances, select HTML improvements. I had 374 duplicate meta descriptions! This is bad!! Luckily it shows you which descriptions so I can easily go back and edit them.  Meta descriptions should be 150-160 characters long.
  2. Title Tags : The HTML improvement section will highlight any title tag issues too.  Title tags should be 70 characters and more importantly unique.
  3. Blocked Resources : Still in search console, under google index you can view your blocked resources . There is a detailed explanation of how to unblock these resources.  For this site JoanneDewberry.co.uk I have 22 blocked resources all with the same robots.txt address so worth researching.
  4. Page Speed Test : Provides you with detailed information on what is causing your website to be slow! This site was loading very slowly which I had become aware of myself as a user. The test provides you with information to rectify this, in my case, it’s mostly images! It’s always worth editing images to the right size on PicMonkey then loading them onto your blog/website rather than editing them in the back office. Images straight from cameras and phones are massive files.
  5. Checking your site information : Did you know if you type site: followed by your website domain ie. site:charliemoos.co.uk you get a breakdown of your pages, titles tags, descriptions etc .. I found a few spelling mistakes and also, more importantly, realise that some of my meta descriptions could be better!

I think it’s important here to note that whilst these tips will help you improve your website fact! If you are a bit like me and in some areas technically challenged it is worth seeking out advice.  For parts of Charlie Moo’s I was unsure of what the problem was let alone how to rectify it, therefore, I complied the information and asked my host (Create) for help.  Also, remember that any changes you make will take a while to be picked up via google but it will be worth it in the long run!

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