5 Ways To Create A Side Hustle Whilst Staying Home

I LOVE networking. No, really I do! And obviously, the main thing we have been talking about this past year during our Zoom chats has been lockdown and COVID restrictions.  Still, so many of my small business friends haven’t been able to open or trade properly since March 2020. After all this time, if we haven’t already we NEED to adapt.  We need to make changes. Entrepreneurs are a rare bread I’ve seen so many people utilise their skills and develop new sidelines to their main business whilst unable to trade.

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5 Ways To Create A Side Hustle Whilst Staying Home: 

Making Things To Sell: This is probably the easiest way to make extra money there are so many amazing resources available online from a reindeer SVG to step by step bird box tutorials. If you can make it you can sell it! Not crafty? Think about the skills you already have, that you could sell on.

Here are 5 side hustles you can start today:

  1. T-shirt and Mug Printing: Whilst this sounds super fancy and high tec many of us already have this technology in our homes already.  Vinyl cutters and printers are readily available on the high street, I’ve seen many a mum at school making some extra cash selling personalised hand sanitiser bottles. If you aren’t very creative then Design Bundles is a pretty awesome and low-cost platform where you can buy SVG files (scalable vector graphics, which can easily scale up or down without altering the integrity of the design) look out for fathers day svg and Easter templates for those t-shirts and mugs. design bundles svg side hustle
  2. Social Media Graphics: Do you spend time and energy creating your own social media graphics and enjoy doing so?  Why not create and sell templates or even bespoke tailored graphics? You can use your mailing list to send out a free sample (everyone loves a freebie!) because there are lots of people like me out there who spend an eternity trying to create something half decent and getting nowhere fast!
  3. Blogging: This is sort of two-pronged. If you don’t have a blog maybe now is the time to start writing one. Not only is it great for SEO but you can also monetise your blog to earn you some extra cash. If you are already blogging then you could look at earning extra cash via selling blog writing services.
  4. Spring is Coming: Are you an avid gardener? Do you always end up with a surplus of seedlings? Not everyone (me, I’m talking about me) is green-fingered and I’m always buying seedlings and established plants. Facebook selling groups are an easy way to sell your surplus seedlings. seedlings selling as a side hustle
  5. Jump on the Bandwagon: OK so I mentioned in point 2 about personalised hand sanitiser bottles, I think everyone with a sewing machine has been running up face masks and who can blame them, you have a captive audience and everyone needs multiples of them!  Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon and cash in on topical events.

*BONUS TIP* Never underestimate occasional spending and seasonal gifts there are so many dotted throughout the year it’s never too early to get making and advertising.

I’d love to hear how you have adapted and changed your business in order to ride out lockdown and COVID restrictions.

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  1. February 22, 2021 / 9:27 pm

    A great post. I’m looking at lots of options for passive income at the moment. We’re a resourceful bunch when we want/need to be 🙂