DIY: Link building

I have previously posted before about link building and gave 4 very basic easy tips to get any novice started.

It happens all the time that companies email, call and write to me offering help with achieving a great Google ranking via link building. Save yourself some money. Try my DIY: tip.

Benefits of Link Building:

Link building increases your site indexing in Search Engines (Like Google, Yahoo & MSN, Bing) – you can use free software such as Website Grader to check how many indexed pages you have.   Here is the report for Charlie Moo’s

Your site has 1,270 pages indexed by search engines.

Search engines look for fresh content so that they can serve it up later in search results. If they don’t index it, results won’t show it. The more fresh content you create, the more often search engines will come back looking for more. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s the cycle of life.

So basically – having a regular updated blog and/or a regular news/PR page will help increase your indexed pages.  Simple!

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