5 Affordable Business Ideas To Start During Maternity Leave

If you fancy being an entrepreneur, your maternity leave could be the best time to start a business. Besides, it can make your early morning feeding time work for you too since you can turn it into something productive. You can start by evaluating your skills and looking at the following ideas that do not require significant capital to get going: 1. Home-Based Coaching or Tutoring While it is challenging to pursue outdoor pursuits during maternity, you can look for virtual coaching or tutoring opportunities. Online tutoring doesn’t require travelling or a lot of hassle, meaning you can care for… View Post

Stationery I Currently Love (Plus A Sneaky Stationery Giveaway)

There literally is nothing better than the feeling and excitement that comes from opening up a brand new notebook. The smell, the promise of a fresh new page! I love planning and doodling and of course coloured pens! Today I’m sharing with you some of my favourite stationery and if you hold on to the end you can even enter my little book birthday giveaway! Yass! What Is The Purpose of Your Notebook? Sounds like a random question but the purpose of your notebook will have a deciding factor on why you buy it. For example, if you want to… View Post

10 Marketing Tips For Mums In Business Who Work From Home

Through networking, you can meet the most wonderful people, who not only support and guide you but are also really nice people! I meet Shona last year when I was promoting my book Networking A Successful Small Business and she has quickly become one of my go-to people. I literally have no idea how she does EVERYTHING she does! I’m really excited to share with you today Shona’s 10 top marketing tips for mums in business working from home, these tips are super quick and super actionable, which is so important in marketing. You need to be able to go… View Post