Monetising YouTube – hints and tips

JD Youtube buttonYou might remember my post about vloggers making lots of cash. No well it’s “Wouldn’t you like to be a vlogger?” and do check out the link to Sarah Mum of 3’s post how to monetise YouTube – when you have done those things come back.

Are you back? Have you monetised your YouTube videos now? Great!
Made any moeny yet?
Humm if only it was that easy!
First of all you need content – my YouTube channel has 20 odd videos a bit mixed – some business vlogging, some children and some Charlie Moo’s. But 20 videos isn’t enough to keep people coming back. During my monthly mind mapping sessions I’ve been marking those blogs than could be vlogs (this is going to be particularly useful for M&M who get sent loads of things to review but take forever to write anything.)

Secondly I’ve been looking at how my channel looks, the layout, have I linked – Facebook, website, instagram? Do I have a fitting banner? Have a I made an introduction video? Are your videos organised into playlists – are these playlists displayed in the sections under the intro video?

Top tips from Mummy Bloggers making money from YouTube :-

  1. Don’t use copyrighted music – especially if you want to make money. – Jo Adams
  2. Build up a following – have your subscriber link on your blog/website/email signature, tweet it, share on Facebook  and most importantly don’t forget to follow others and comment on other peoples videos too. Interaction is always the key to growing your following.
  3. Use ‘Annotations’ on YouTube to direct your viewers to your main website or to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can use your YouTube vids to catch their attention then really develop that relationship by having them visit your website after where you can expand on whatever was in the video. Also, have a template ‘footer’ that you put into the information about your video box. For example, I write information about what the video is all about then attach my footer which gives all my social media links. It means that no matter which of your videos the viewer watches, and even if they are not on your channel, they can find your blog, website, twitter profile etc. – Nadine Hill AKA  JuggleMum check these tips out in action – YouTube – MrsNadineHill

I was looking for some music for Megan on the Radio1 YouTube channel when I noticed that most of their videos ask you to subscribe beforehand “so you don’t miss any of the live lounge action” – so definitely something to include.

So there you have it a nice list to get started on!


  1. January 15, 2014 / 10:26 am

    Hey Joanne
    Thanks for including my tip!
    I did the YouTube Creators Academy course in 2013 which really helped me to do things like organise my content into playlists and categories and ‘brand’ my content. It even covered things like how to create the perfect thumbnail and got me thinking about a strategy for my YouTube content.
    It is true, it takes a bit of work to get going but it was very worthwhile. The course was free- I’m sure if anyone wanted to ‘Google’ it, they’d find more info!

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