Building Links (SEO)

It’s something I have been discussing a lot lately with some of my clients. Ensuring you are building credible links with other websites.


The more links you have with other sites (especially those of high ranking) will increase your Google ranking, place you higher and in turn draw more people to your website = increased orders (we hope!)

Here are a few tips please comment below if you have any others.

  1. Link with sites a Google ranking of 3 and above (if possible) Charlie Moo’s has a Google rank of 3 so if anyone wants to link with me please email me I have space to take 5 reciprocal links 🙂
  2. Include a text link as a signature when you post on forums and discussion groups
  3. Guest blog for people and include text links using your keyword rather than just your URL. – for example I want people to buy bags from Charlie Moo’s but customers aren’t going to search ‘Charlie Moo’s’ they will search ‘handmade fabric bags‘ therefore these are the words I need to hyper link – handmade fabric bags
  4. Blogs attached to your website – they keep the content fresh new and exciting excellent for SEO
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