What to avoid in business card templates

Business card templates are there to help you create your own business cards without having to spend hours with graphic editing software. However, not all business card templates are equal. You can find plenty of articles telling you what to look for in business card templates. We’ll tell you what to avoid in business card create tools and templates so you can weed out the worst choices and find one that’s right for you. 

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User Unfriendly Interfaces :

The simplest business card templates are built into most word processing software. Import a graphic and place it on the side of the page. Enter your business name, personal name, mailing address, phone number and, if appropriate, email address to give everyone who receives the business card your contact information. Throw in a web address, and you have a business card that does its job. This should be achievable with a few button clicks and a little data entry. Avoid business card templates that make creating a business card as much work as editing a magazine cover. After all, there are much simpler options. The best business cards templates are easier to use than the templates in your word processing software while having additional options. 

Limited Printing Options :

Avoid business card templates that limit your printing options. For example, some free templates come with the caveat that you can only order business cards through their print shop. It is essentially a sales funnel. The best business card creation templates let you print business cards to your own printer or save the file for use later. Note that you want the ability to save your work to avoid having to reinvent the wheel every time you want a new batch of business cards, but that is of limited value if you can only print the new cards through the same printer. While most business card creation tools should let you use any standard business card stock, you want to be able to choose printing options like matte finish or cards with bevelled edges. 

No Error Proofing :

A business card creation tool can’t tell if you’ve misspelt your own name or business name. It doesn’t know if you’ve transposed digits in your phone number. For that reason, you’re always going to need to proof your own business cards before saving or printing them. However, business card templates should come with basic error-proofing and verification checks. For example, you want one that makes it obvious when you leave out the area code or left a digit out of the 10 digit phone number. 

Error proofing can include the file creation and updating, as well. For example, it should prompt you to save your work. It should also verify that you want to overwrite an existing file or delete prior versions. Ideally, it should warn you when the fonts you chose aren’t recognized or the print job has encountered problems. When you know that the colour or font translation isn’t faithful, you are less likely to pay to print a lot of business cards that won’t come out looking the way you wanted.

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