Can blogging help business?

In 2007 I entered one of my handmade toys into a competition. The toy won first prize, and quite a few people online were asking me what my blog address was. I hadn’t even heard of blogs then! But I thought it would be fun, and a great way to get some feedback on my work, and so I started a blog.

I have gained a loyal following – slowly but surely. People seemed to like what I was saying. And I love blogging. Four years later when I decided I was ready to take the step from a hobby to a business, my blog helped me do it. My readers were with me every step of the way, helping with ideas & pricing, supporting & encouraging. I joined twitter, set up a facebook page, and by the time I launched my shop a month ago I had a ready-made customer base.

I don’t think I would be doing nearly as well with my shop if it weren’t for my blog. I can connect with people via my blog, show them the progress of my products, and keep them involved in what I’m doing.

Building relationships with customers is completely possible with a blog. I see it as almost the equivalent of the village post office. Somewhere to have a chat and get to know your neighbours. My blog lets me connect with my online neighbours. And that can only be good for business.

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