Craft fairs – all the fun of the fair!

I’ve been doing craft fairs for nearly a year now and I have seen and learnt so much in that time. The way I set out my stall has evolved and changed over the year. I have bought props to help make my stall stand out from the rest. My favourite have got to be the vintage French apple crates bought on t’internet. They provide storage for stock between fairs and also for transporting to the events. Once I’m there they also provide much needed height and interest for the table. Although, some people do not seem to appreciate their rustic charm as I was once asked why I had fruit boxes on my table and that she had some back home on her farm and wouldn’t dream of using them for decoration. Takes all sorts I suppose, she could give them to me!

My display layout is still evolving and think it will always continue to do so. I haven’t cracked how to display bags to their best advantage but I have some ideas to try out at the next event I go to. And I definitely need to tie my lengths of bunting differently so that I don’t have to refold them each time a customer rifles through the pile!

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