Product fanpages … what makes you interact and what doesn’t??

I get asked this question a lot and its the one thing I can’t really ‘train‘ someone how to do. I can help you to build and maintain your FanPage and even help you to develop a good fanbase .. but I can’t make fans talk to you.

With Charlie Moo’s I post a mixture of questions, product images, pages on my website, testimonials and news and I’ve always been lucky enough to have a valued following of interested parties.  With I pose questions and information interesting to small businesses especially those on tight budgets and mumpreneurs!  So I’m almost guaranteed interaction. But what about businesses just selling a product or service, how can they keep the vibe going and content interesting and more important get fans talking to you.  Without you looking spammy or impersonal.

As with any good question there’s no point giving just my opinion lets see what other small business think.

Product fanpages … what makes you interact and what doesn’t??

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