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Daddy Moo calls it Instagrizzle and today I’m going to have a little grizzle about Instagram. If you haven’t seen the news you might need to sit down.  The dreaded Facebook news feed algorthim is hitting Instagram. No longer will it be shown in chronological order but moving towards a news feed which “apparently” shows you the kind of content you want to see. However we all know that given how it works on Facebook that isn’t strictly true. *sigh* Personally I think this is a sad move on Instagram’s part as I like the chronological order. I like being reminded of people I’d forgotten about. I like being in that moment of time with everyone else. It’s amazing to see what different things people are all doing.  I don’t want to have to “find” people who might start dropping off my radar.  This happens sadly so regularly on Facebook it’s unreal.  Anyway enough of my moaning. Instead here are a few points to help you stay on top with Instagram.

instagram tips

3 Instagram tips for staying on top! 

  • Interaction is key : You cannot expect people to interact with you if you don’t interact with people. Simple.  Use the search facility to find people using your hashtags. Follow people in the same niche as you see what works for them.  Reply to comments even if you to say “thanks” and comment on others too!
  • Use hashtags : Love them or loathe them hashtags are pretty handy!  You will read a lot about how many you should use – some say 5 some say 30! But personally I go with what is right for you. I also pick mine wisely. For example you want to use a garden related hashtag as you begin to type you notice a list with a post count appear. If #garden has 500, #gardens has 2000 but #gardening has 100,000 I’m more likely to use #gardening and harness the already established popularity.  Apparently the five top # are : #sky #cloud #bestoftheday #girl #boy
  • Does your image have meaning? : Is it a behind the scenes shot? A product shot? A day out? An event? Does your image match your comment? As Instagram users these are really important to how we perceive brands and their messages.  Instagram isn’t about selling it’s about building brand awareness and developing relationships with our audience.

I run my blog business in a very different way to other bloggers and hey do you know what? That’s OK. I spend a lot of time with Kara and crew from ChelseaMamma and we have very different ideas and ways to execute things on social media. It always makes for an interesting conversation! If you missed our Blab then check out the video replay below.

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