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Flicking through twitter earlier today and I saw an interesting tweet from Nectar Business.  I clicked over to find a really great guide.  Nectar Business have created ’25 Top Tips’, essential guide for the small business.  Including expert advice from the Business Link and James Caan, star of Dragon’s Den and CEO of private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw.

It’s packed with valuable information and great ideas to help you succeed in today’s tough business climate.  Ok so enough of the sales pitch! I spotted eagled eyed, or should that be cow-eyed, as I am an opportunity not to be missed!

You could win 50,000 nectar points

Share your own business tip for your chance to win.

Enter now

So of course I entered NOW!! And that was my first mistake! I was in such a hurry I made a spelling error of the main word in my tip!! Second mistake was posting it on Facebook not long after which all my ‘friends’ were posting ‘like’ their tip! Anyway lucky for you, you can like as many tips as you want so here’s mine!


‘Liking‘ closes on the 30th September 2010.

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