Will it be a “New Year, New You” for 2012? Celebrate it in style and enter this fantastic competition ….

The clock seems to be running so much faster these days – we’re rapidly approaching the end of 2011, and there’s not much time left in which you can make a difference to your business. Most people tend to wait until the New Year to make resolutions, but as business owners we know that we can’t afford to hang around – we have to plan ahead, and there’s a great buzz going on at the moment with people making plans for 2012.

Are you one of those who’s thinking “Next year’s going to be bigger and better for me“?

If you are, then take an honest look at your current photographs and ask yourself whether they reallyrepresent who you are – if they don’t, then they’re definitely not going to represent the “New You” next year, are they?

Wouldn’t it be great to start off that “New Year, New You” with a fabulous photo-shoot worth £695 so that you can completely revamp your media images and show the world that you’re ready to take it by the scruff of the neck? 

It’s really easy – all you have to do is to send me an email at competition@thebusinesspowerphotographer.com (including a contact phone number) and explain in 200 words or less how you’ve changed in 2011, what the “New You” for 2012 looks like and why you need new photographs. It really is that simple!

“I love the idea Ian, but I don’t know what to write!

”Well, to help you along here are a few ideas ….

What have you done this year that’s different?
What’s new? What have you launched?
What are your plans for 2012?
How much bigger is your business going to be, and how will you be different from your competitors?

Why don’t your current photographs work properly for you?

I’ll take your entry and post it up onto my website – the entries will be reviewed by the Judging Panel and a decision made based upon the reasons given and we’ll also take into account the number of comments on each entry (so if you want to get your friends to comment on why we should choose you that’ll help!) 

Now I know what your next question is ….. who’s on the Judging Panel?

Well, obviously it’s me (!) but I needed help from someone who’s firmly grounded on business development and so I’ve asked the “Guru” of Business Celebrities, the one and only Lucy Whittington to help me with the judging!

So here are the details:

  • Entries should be 200 words or less
  • The deadline for entries is Friday 30th December 2011
  • The winner will be announced on Thursday 12th January 2012
  • The photo-shoot will take place by 20 Feb 2012 within 50 miles of Bournemouth

Ooh, and don’t forget to “Like” my Facebook page too!

And that’s it – so get your thinking cap on, let us know why you’re deserving of a photo-shoot and you could be starting 2012 with a brand new set of photographs!

Fabulous competition from Ian Hamilton.

It’s so good I entered myself 😉 So if you have 2 minutes to spare please leave me a comment.
If you decide to enter link your post in the comments, I’d love to see what you all have planned for 2012 and will comment too.

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