Dear Olive, sorry but Mummy knows best!

To my dearest darling Olive,

This year has been so amazing. I have enjoyed watching you grow and develop from a tiny, little, blue, wrinkly bundle into a beautiful gorgeous, smiley, excited, entertaining 1 year old. Being able to work from home and run my own business around you (and M&M) is what drives and motivates me.

However today I realised we have to admit defeat.
Gone are the days where you will happily play or eat while mummy works.
Today was just far to stressful for you & me (oh and the lovely lady I was trying to give social media help too!)
We have to accept the time we need time apart.

I need to be able to work.
You need to be able to play.

I shall miss you when I’m out and about and I know many of mummies lovely friends will too.
But the time apart will make the time together all the more special.
We all knew this time would come probably not this soon … but I know Nanny will take good care of you (and meetings are boring anyway!)

lots of love Mummy xx

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