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I love hearing about exciting ways to develop your business online.  I actually attended this Facebook Party in July.  Facebook Parties are normally associated with party planners and direct sellers but there is no reason you can’t use this form of selling/marketing in your own business.  The Party Plan Guru has a great webinar on  Facebook parties.  Research is going to be key … here are some great tips about how Wendy went about putting a party together for her business. 

Using Facebook as a form of marketing was quite new to me. I started my business, Enchanted Interiors, in April 2012 following the birth of my 2nd child and initially used Facebook to inform friends that I had decided to make this step in my career. It quickly became apparent to me how to use Facebook in a more strategic way, signing up to Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages relevant to my industry.

I began to watch how other businesses used Facebook to promote their products and services and this is when I came across the “Facebook Party” which instantly appealed to me given that I am a product based business. Being the impatient person I am, I immediately set off to organise the event. All my contacts and groups were invited via the Facebook Events Tool to my first “Enchanted Interiors Summer Facebook Party”. Admittedly it was a little nerve wracking not knowing if anyone would participate however there was no need to worry as the acceptances came flying in, and they weren’t even from friends or family!

Prior to the party I set about scripting which of the Enchanted Interiors fun themed kiddie’s accessories I was going to promote. Knowing I had only an hour it was decided that the focus would be on one girls theme, one boys theme and a nursery theme. Naturally all parties have to have games too, so I thought up some simple fun games for the attendees to participate in for prizes which were held intermittently throughout the party.

On the evening the turnout to the party exceeded my expectations. My Facebook Page stats went through the roof before my eyes and the interaction was a massive buzz. I could see messages popping up with the attendees sharing and encouraging their own friends to join in on “this great party being held at the Enchanted Interiors Facebook Page”

The viral effect resulted in masses of new connections and sales which continue to come in; even now, weeks after the party has ended, I am still receiving comments and making sales as the images pop up on people’s timelines following the involvement of someone they knew.

I would recommend carrying out a Facebook Party to anyone who has a product based business to give it that burst of energy. It has been one of the most effective and fun “free” marketing initiatives I have ever carried out!

Wendy SteadEnchanted Interiors

An array of fun themed accessories to transform a kiddies bedroom, playroom or nursery.
Email: Wendy.stead@enchanted-interiors.co.uk
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