Facebook .. are you defaulted??

#joannedewberry facebookI’ve seen this post bantered around a few times the last week on Facebook. Now I’m always cautious of mass spamming status’s and tend not to give them the time of day but this one seemed to make some sense stating the since the profile changes, by default, Facebook feeds only show posts by people you’ve interacted with recently unless you go to Edit Options at the bottom of your news feed page and change the setting to show posts by all friends, fanpages and groups.

I first spent a day or so trying to think of people and pages I hadn’t interacted with for a while … to see if they entered my feed and sure enough they didn’t so I changed my default settings as suggested above. I must admit I have spent the rest of the week unliking pages and defriending randoms! But I’m happy to have a lot more going on in my feed and have reacquainted myself with many useful contacts I had forgotten about!

So off you go check your settings πŸ˜‰

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