Facebook : Event pages are changing – Are you ready??

Facebook events pages are changing!

Something to be warned about.. More changes coming!!

Event pages for most people have already changed appearance, something we will soon see with the whole layout of Facebook!!

This is a change due to have happened in the beginning of 2010, pushed back by the pressure from the public and the media to improve the ease of use of their privacy settings.
You are probably already aware of this due to the numerous news articles relating to this, featured across the majority of the main television stations.

Below is a copy of the new layout for event pages:

Changes to Facebook events pages

As you can see the comments and links sections ahve been moved up the page to increase the interactivity of these pages, and attendees have been moved to the left hand side.
This is probably part of Facebook’s attempt to  get people tagging and discussing the events more freely and openly.

One change we are yet to see that people are crying gout for, is the ability for a single event page to have multiple Fan Page/People as Administrators, to save the need for replication of events!
I for one am fed up of being invited to 5 of the same event hosted by different pages – so many things to watch!
Wouldn’t it be simpler to have just ONE and then repost the link to that one on the other pages??

Come on Facebook!!

Many more changes are due over the coming months to do with the layout – are you ready??
More info as and when we get it for you guys!

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  1. Ann Williams-Maughan
    July 23, 2010 / 1:43 pm

    Not keen on it at the Mo, but like everything I’ll soon get used to it. Change is good.

  2. TGPromotionsTG
    July 23, 2010 / 2:05 pm

    As with anything change takes time to adapt to, but it is a good thing to do with the interactivity side of things. Great to be involved and here to help people make the most of their social media sites.

    Find out about our marketing solutions on Facebook here:http://Facebook.com/TGPromotionsMarketing