Facebook Fanpage Tip 3# or is it??

#joannedewberry facebookSo on Friday I posted my 3rd FanPage Tip

Are you struggling to keep up with your Fanpage … missing comments and queries?? Make sure you ‘like’ all your status’s, comments and photos. What happens is its is liked by YOU (ie. your name) not your Fanpage so all notifications will be sent to your profile that people have commented. Give it a try and let me know if this makes thinks easier.

I must admit I was shocked by the replies from some avid fans!

Karen Tait (Kazie’s Magical Designs) – Notifications are very few and far between I’ve been noticing lately though and that’s just with normal posts I’m finding I have to check on things I liked too strange xx

Steph O’hara (A. J O’hara Flooring LTD) – You don’t get notifications on comments on things you ‘like’ anymore. Best to comment x

Humm .. OK so this wasn’t happening to me until ….. NOW!!! And oh man is it annoying.  As on your FanPage when you comment it comments as the FanPage and not you so you don’t get any notifications!!  So now you are having to check your FanPage on a daily basis … which is time consuming and the beauty of it was that it worked for you not you working on it!!

So am at a loss now and am opening the floor anyone discovered a way to combat this??  I don’t really want to spend extra time on my FanPage.

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  1. Toby Griffiths
    October 25, 2010 / 5:57 pm

    I know how frustrating this can be.  One trick is to ‘teach’ your feed what you like.  Buy clicking the X to remove certain items from your news feed, you can tell Facebook about spam & users you don’t want to see posts from.  Obviously this doesn’t help if all your friends are helpful folk that only post positive things!  If you use the iPhone app you can also select the types of post you want to see, but this option appears to have disappeared from the full browser version a while back.
    There are also a few tools out there that can help with this though.  Here are a couple….
    – HootSuite.com allows you to monitor all your social media streams in 1 place, as well as posting to multiple streams at once, and even schedule your posts for when you’re out & about.  There’s even a free account that support up to 5 accounts, and is only $5.99/month for the premium edition.
    – ContextOptional (http://www.contextoptional.com/) also have a social media monitoring offering, but there are no prices displayed on their site, so I can’t recomend this one, as I’ve not been able to test it yet.

    Hope this is useful,