Twitter and Facebook not all about Jam Sandwiches

For some time now I have posted on facebook (not originally understanding about it!!!!) and as for twitter well why WOULD I want to know why Jimmy was at the bus stop eating a jam sandwich???????? but now I GET it!! I was taught initially by one of my networking friends. I have built up a lot of good relationships along the way. I was heavily critised and told I was stupid but did I listen?? I did not!!! I quickly shed my association with my critique and carried on what I was enjoying doing and building up my “friends” and it is now paying off!!

I have recently recruited more than once into my Barefoot book business and into my Wikaniko business because those following me enjoyed what they saw and have told me so! Roberta made me an admin on Giant Potential and I get to see all the new ladies joining and greet them. Linkedin has just brought me another recruit for Barefoot – when I joined in a discussion to do with fundraising – which I can help with through the businesses!

I also joined a networking event as I saw that some of my facebook  “friends” – Joanne included were attending. It was fabulous to meet Joanne, Roberta, Jayne and Heidi – although we had very little time to chat as I had a ferry to catch. One day soon I will be back over. Well Heidi (Cherry on the Cake) has invited me to an event later in the year!

I met up with Jayne (Topsy-Turvy Childcare Agency) for coffee too recently. I am sure there is lots of networking for us to do.
I have had a big order for Wikaniko from a facebook friend of a facebook friend.
I am getting a lot of traffic to my Wikaniko site – the figures jumping daily as people check out all the “green” information there as well as checking what is in the shop!

I continue to tweet and post about my site that helps people save money although this is having a slower response. What has been brilliant is that my sons have now set up their marketing business TGPromotions and am thrilled with the ad they did for me here on and the “front door” they did to combine all my businesses into one “department store”.  This is really now getting some traffic as lots of people noticed my facebook posts!

So yes it really has been worth the time spent on facebook, twitter and when I hear people in business saying they can’t afford the time to go on facebook – I just think that really they can’t afford the time NOT to go. I don’t only post about my businesses. I post all sorts of things from silly delivery people who don’t ring my doorbell to motivational quotes and fun You Tube clips about an annoying orange and it is the forming of the relationships that is then leading to business. I am even about to embark on making You Tube clips myself!!!!!  with help from TGPromotions! and of course they are now giving me lots of help with facebook and twitter and taking me to places I never thought possible.

To think I could have sat here refusing to have anything to do with facebook being a stuffy and boring granny! Heaven forbid! So am I glad I didn’t listen to my critique! I have even had a wonderful card from a facebook friend on the other side of the world on the death of my father – I know she would probably join my green business if it operated in Australia but she wrote such lovely words
a) about my dad and my loss and
b) about how she loves pepping into my world and seeing where I am going and what I am doing!
I wonder where I would be without facebook?? and the business – well it would be a lot further back. I am glad my boys have helped me combine my twitter feeds as I was getting quite lost trying to post for them in different places. And the very funny thing is – my networking ladies down here on the Island are asking me to give masterclasses!!! I am not really much further on than them! I think I will leave future lessons to TGPromotions – they know so much more than me and if I set up any more business fan pages – I may have to get them to run them for me!!

So yes facebook and twitter are bringing me success in building my business so long may it continue

Lyn Blackledge is a serial mumpreneur with 4 businesses under her belt check them all out here Lyns Biz

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