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I set my profile up years ago for Charlie Moo’s and as I don’t actually need to maintain it I tend to forget all about it! Which is great .. I love anything that works for me for free!!  It allows you to set up a business profile, add images, collect feedback and testimonials and add any bodies you might be a member of i.e.  Federation of Small Businesses etc.. …

FreeIndex also ranks you out of all the other businesses in your genre. Due to lots of feedback (which can be added as a widget to your website), information and images Charlie Moo’s is ranked number 1.  they also provide you with shiney badges to add to your website.  Which is nice 🙂

Sites like FreeIndex are useful as these are good links, SEO, but they also install an air of credibility, customers like to see this.  So give yourself a few minutes and add your business today.

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