CyberMummy11 – sponsor anyone??

This year I have decided as I’m really getting into blogging to attend CyberMummy11.  I’m keen to learn about how to generate more money via my blog and to connect with brands relevant to Charlie Moo’s and I’m also excited about meeting so many mums and dads that make a living by blogging!  Who would have thought it could be such a lucrative business opportunity!

So they yucky bit how much money do I need and what will you get as my sponsor??

How much do I need??
Before 31st December 2010

  • £80 For my Early Bird Ticket
  • Plus a £2.65 ticket fee
  • £100 return train ticket
  • £10 for underground ticket

= £192.65

After 1st January 2011

  • Cybermummy11 ticket £100
  • Plus £3.15 ticket fee
  • £100 return train ticket
  • £10 for underground ticket.

= £213.95

What will I provide for my sponsor?

  • Banner advert on the home page of from now until the conference in June 2011
  • Banner advert on the homepage of Charlie Moo’s from now until the conference in June 2011
  • Blog post (on both and Charlie Moo’s) introducing you as my sponsor with direct links to website, twitter and Facebook fanpage
  • Reviews of any products
  • Tweets – with #sponsorname everytime I mention cybermummy,
  • Facebook fanpage promotion
  • A written and video report of the actual day
  • Proudly display a badge on the day to say who had sponsored me to be there
  • The sponsor will benefit from being seen by over 170 mummies at the conference

I would be delighted to discuss any of this further with potential sponsors so please contact me.

Thank you

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