Housekeeping Please!

How often do you spend giving your website/blog an overhaul?
I don’t mean new design or logo etc … I mean a good check that everything is working well.

Broken links
I have a plugin (broken link checker) on this site which updates daily how many broken links there are.
Charlie Moo’s is a Create website so I use the site broken link checker it’s free and shows you which links are broken and what pages the link is on. The first time I did Moo’s about 3 months ago there were 500 broken links! People who have changed their permalinks, maybe changed the name of their business, closed their business or shifted hosts. It took a while to correct them all and now I keep on top of it with monthly check up.  Much easier to correct 50 broken links than 100’s!

Correct Content
Is your About Us page up to date? Are the ages of your children, the place where you live, what you write about correct?
Contact information – is your email, phone number, social media platforms right?
Is the © date right? Some software will up date itself but you may have to do it manually and nothing shouts unloved website more than ©2012

So spend a few minutes today checking your website/blog is on top form.

PS. I cannot be held responsible for 1,000’s of broken links!


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  1. Michael Butterfield
    November 27, 2013 / 11:06 am

    Great tool, very helpful. Thanks!