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I do all my own PR and I make no bones about it. It costs me nothing and I quite enjoy writing, plus who can boast about me better than me!! 😉 But sometimes it can be a fruitless experience but other times things go really well. Today (Thursday 3rd February 2011) seems to be a good day! Here are my PR snippets from today!

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Check out my start up story for Charlie Moo’s on My Funny Bunny today. Monica is a lovely lady you should check out her site and if your on twitter definitely one to follow @MyFunnyBunny.

The exciting news of Networking Mummies expansion into Nationwide Franchising made it into the Bournemouth Daily Echo both on and offline.
Smudge Magazine featured the same story.

If you need any help with PR at all then give me a shout I can help you to develop your own data base and contacts and teach you some basic tricks for getting your own business in the press.  Or free up some time and let me do it for you.  Prices start from £15.

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