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  • Using Multiple Income Streams to Plan for the Future

    Using Multiple Income Streams to Plan for the Future
  • Improving Your DA (Domain Authority) for Beginners

    Improving Your DA (Domain Authority) for Beginners

The Day I Almost Met Theo Paphitis Liberty Open Call 2010

This post originally appeared on Charlie Moo’s On Saturday 6th February 2010 myself and Daddy Moo put away our wellies, dusted of our posh voices (we live in the heart of the Dorset countryside you see) and set of to the Big Smoke.  What were we doing I hear you cry! Why we were off to The Open Call at Liberty London. We arrived at 10:30am and the queue, well it was already quite long! Ekkkkk! We spent much of the time trying to stay warm and chatting to two lovely ladies. A South African from Scotland who made handbags and…

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Alternative Forms of Finance

Funding a small business isn’t easy. You may find yourself in tricky situations where you’re in need of finance to get the ball rolling and the traditional bank loan routes won’t quite work for you. If that sounds familiar, there’s likely to be a perfect alternative form of finance out there for you and your business – it’s just a case of doing your research. Here’s a few of the most popular options and how they work… Crowdfunding & peer-to-peer lending : Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending are often talked about in the same sentence. They’re both very innovative forms of…

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How Was School? A Poem by Megan

How often do you pick up the children and ask how was school? I’d hazard a guess at daily. I’d also go out on a limb and suggest that the answers are monosyllabic. Or in Olive’s case “I can’t remember”. Are you freaking kidding me! Like the last 6 hours are some kind of distant memory. If you follow me regularly *cough if you don’t my Facebook Business Page is : check it out and hit LIKE* my daughter Megan loves dancing, drawing and writing stories. She’s such a creative soul. Yesterday she presented me with this poem she…

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