Blogging Tips

  • The alternative you: choosing the right influencer for your brand

    The alternative you: choosing the right influencer for your brand
  • 9 Content Ideas To Get You Blogging

    9 Content Ideas To Get You Blogging

A Day in the Life of VICTORIA DIXON – Enhance-Me

Woke up this morning, arose from my cosy bed and went about my normal morning routine. This involves saying goodbye to my husband who is on his way out to work. Then finding something to occupy my two children, my two year old Robbie and my five year old daughter, Milly, whilst I shower and dress. I get the children togged up and head to the kitchen to have breakfast together.  Afterwards I check my emails for my business while they play, I am grateful for their independent nature! I take Milly to nursery for 9.30am, when I return home…

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Twitter Tips

Follow people suitable for your business don’t follow everyone you’ll waste your time on irrelevant information. Don’t tweet to much about your business interact with other peoples tweets otherwise you will look spammy and people won’t be interested Load some sort of software .. twitter itself just wont do … Tweet Deck or Hoot Suite Link to your website by adding links into your tweets or add your twitter feed or twitter logo

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Quality NOT Quantity

If I ever teach you anything about Social Networking let it be this! Quality NOT Quantity Quality Tweets/ Facebook Information Quality following – not good to you following everyone you’ll miss all the important stuff Stick to one or two social networks and work ’em! Don’t join loads and flounder on all of them!

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