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  • 9 Content Ideas To Get You Blogging

    9 Content Ideas To Get You Blogging
  • How to Target Your Keywords with Blog Posts

    How to Target Your Keywords with Blog Posts

Do you have ATTITUDE?

Previously I showed you the list of Entrepreneurial Traits that Emma Wimhurst listed. Today I’m looking at The Right ATTITUDE.   I have nothing more to say. Thank you to Kevin Lloyd for the visual representation.

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Emma Wimhurst

I was incredibly lucky to not only meet but to hear the fabulous Emma Wimhurst speak.  She is a truly inspirational business mum. Emma facilitated a Networking Mummies (Dorset) Workshop “Turn Your Business From A Whisper To A BOOM”. Without gushing and becoming a little OTT I can’t describe how wonderful this woman is!  I’m reading her fabulous book at the moment and I will write more about this later. I wanted to share Emma’s amazing list on Entrepreneurial traits with you:- Absolute Passion Self Honesty The Right Attitude I am going to take these points and write future blogs…

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Fan Page Tip Two

My Second Fan Page Tip is FAN PAGES once you reach 25 fans claim your URL for that page. How?? Use this link … click on set pages url and set it there ….. make sure you use as much of your business name as possible as it will aid with google seraching on your business name as Facebook has a high ranking. Charlie Moo’s is

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