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    9 Content Ideas To Get You Blogging
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    How to Target Your Keywords with Blog Posts

5 Things All Mums in Business Want This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. UNLESS you are a mum in business! Not only can this be your busiest time sales-wise, but every single day there is something happening at school or some kind of Christmas event on the horizon. It’s NEVERENDING. Now while every blogger worth their weight in gold is completing the most magnificent of “Christmas Gift Guides” I’ve taken care and consideration to collate a guide we REALLY need. 5 Things All Mums in Business Want This Christmas : A Good Night Sleep : Sleep is vital for fighting illness, repairing and replenishing our…

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5 Ways To Practice Self-care During The Holiday Season

Self-care is something we aren’t really great at and I get it. When you work from home your working hours are limited and you want to be spending them “working” but how often do you find at 3pm you have barely achieved anything?  We underestimate the power of simple things, like being happy and taking care or ourselves. Self-care, whilst it might sound indulgent is vital for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Looking after our own self-care helps us to maintain healthy relationships not only with ourself but others. Self-care produces positive feelings which boost confidence and self-esteem. 5…

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How to Throw a Christmas Party When You Are Self-employed

I love being self-employed. I love the freedom to pick my work hours. The freedom to drop everything and go to school events. The freedom to choose my clients and ensure they align with my values. But at Christmas it kind of sucks. No office party. No parties at all! No Secret Santa. No unflattering photos of you wearing reindeer antlers. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about being self-employed it’s that EVERYONE is usually having the same thought as you about self-employment.  I started Self-employed Team Building Socials because my small business chums were also looking for activities and…

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