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  • Using Multiple Income Streams to Plan for the Future

    Using Multiple Income Streams to Plan for the Future
  • Improving Your DA (Domain Authority) for Beginners

    Improving Your DA (Domain Authority) for Beginners

Four ways a home office printer can help your business

The Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank found that 589,008 new businesses were formed in the UK last year. Out of these, 412, 305 were started from home. The start of a new business can be a precarious financial balancing act which is why most young businesses who don’t employ staff tend to operate from home until they have a bigger budget to expand, take on employees and rent an office space. Even businesses who don’t use offices to deliver their product or service need space to do administrative work, however minimal. Due to the lack of work-space at home, not…

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5 Reasons to Visit Maker Faire Rome

What is Maker Faire Rome? #MakerFaireRome is the official European edition of Maker Faire, which originated in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a no-profit, family-friendly event where children and adults can get involved in hundreds of fun, educational activities, workshops, and conferences. Quite simply it’s Europe’s greatest innovation event spotlighting hundreds of projects from around Europe and the world. The makers are a tech-influenced DIY (Do It Yourself) community including hobbyists, enthusiasts, researchers or students (amateurs!) steeped in innovation and creativity. Some makers even move on to become entrepreneurs and start-up small businesses. 5 Reasons to visit…

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DIY Home Office Storage

There is nothing I love more than turning something lost and redundant into something useful again. It’s incredibly satisfying. When I entered Hillary’s Craft Competition I had mentally planned to use the metre of gorgeous Daisy Pistachio fabric to make some cushion covers for my office chair or maybe a padded seat. I complain enough about the wooden monstrosity I might as well make it beautiful. However I had a flash of inspiration (code for an easier idea!) instead opting to turn a plain old cardboard box (which I was going to pop in the recycling bin) into somewhere to…

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