So you’ve got your first booking.
You’re at the party.
What do you do now to gain even MORE bookings?
These are my tried and tested top 20 points to action on the night:

  1. Briefly explain the hostess benefit package. When you host a show of your own: you receive free products, half priced items and really big discounts!
  2. Talk about the host’s special offer items. Tonight the Hostess Tina can buy the xxxxxxxx at 50% off!
  3. Talk about the following month’s offers. When you host a show in March, you can purchase xxxxxxx for half price or you can get xxxxxxx for FREE.
  4. Talk about COLLECTIONS to create desire and then mention that they can get the sets of xxxxxxxx for FREE when they host a party in their own home (dependant on guest’s sales!)
  5. Talk about weddings, anniversaries, birthdays.
  6. Talk about fund-raisers.
  7. Go over one of the flyers showing the current offers and talk through them with individual guests.
  8. Point out how much fun we are having.
  9. Create desire for higher priced items. Talk about the higher priced lines at the beginning, middle and end of the party.
  10. Introduce a game or two or three…
  11. Ask for testimonials from previous guests on individual items to create desire.
  12. Ask past hosts to tell the group what they received in their benefit package when they hosted a party.
  13. Create a Bookings diary. Use it 3 times at your show. Pass it around or leave it open on a table to guests to book in a party!
  14. Treat your hostess really well. Compliment her in front of the guests. Say thank you to her at the beginning and end the party.
  15. When guests place their order ask if there was anything that they wanted but just couldn’t afford (there’s normally at least one item!) Remind them that by hosting their own party they could just get it for FREE!
  16. Have FUN. Do not take yourself too seriously.
  17. Hold a prize draw. Ask them to fill out the form completely. Ask them to tick maybe or yes to receive further information about hosting a party.
  18. Check the prize draw slips before adding up the orders.
  19. Ask everyone who said yes or maybe when they would like to host their very own Ice Jewellery party.
  20. Thank all the guests for coming. And remember to Smile a lot!

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