Party Games for Party Planners/Direct Sales Part One

Games are a big part of Party Plan and a really great way to break the ice. Used well, they can be useful in directing customers back to the products and services you offer, here are a few of my favourites;

Gifts for all occasions
Have all you guests list 10 gift giving occasions. After they have completed their list, call off the occasions (start with the least common first and most common last) and have the guests mark them off their own lists. The first guest to check off all 10 occasions on their list wins!
*IMPORTANT* After the game ends make sure you say that you have gifts suitable for all those occasions, at affordable prices or even free with the commission from hosting their own party!

Sneaky Game!
Have each guest write the names of 2 friends, 2 relatives, 2 co-workers, 2 neighbours and 2 club members/mothers from school. Give a prize to the first person to finish. After they are done, tell them their guest list is already made out for their first party!

£50 Shopping Spree!
Have your guests write down on a piece of paper as many products as they can that would total £45 (only one of any item is allowed.) The winner is the person who has the most items listed without going over £45 and is the closest. Then tell you guests that they could actually get all these items for FREE with their commission from their own party! Separate the items from the winners list to make it more visual.

Pass the cash!
Ask the guests how much they would normally expect to pay for a gift (typically they say between £10 – £20) Hand a £20 note to a guest and tell them all that every time you hear an item is less than £20 to hand the note to the person sitting next to them. Everyone pays closer attention to your presentation and it helps them realise how reasonably priced items are. The person left holding the note at the end is the winner!

Hide and Seek
Choose an item that has a small picture in the catalogue and is not easily noticed. Name and describe it for your guests. The first person to find it in the catalogue is the winner. This really gets everyone to take a good look at all the products in the catalogue.


  • Prizes do not have to be big or expensive, just a small token gift.
  • Examples are; note book or pad, bottle of wine, chocolates/sweets, key ring, pen, address book, diary, trinket box, cake, biscuits, book, etc.
  • Gift wrap your prizes to add to the excitement and presentation.

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