Party Games for Party Planners/Direct Sales Part Two

Games are a big part of Party Plan and a really great way to break the ice. Used well, they can be useful in directing customers back to the products and services you offer, here are a few of my favourites;

Simply Sparkle!

For each item of jewellery that the guest is wearing score as follows:

  • Bracelet = 5 points
  • Watch = 5 points
  • Necklace or pendant = 10 points
  • Earrings = 10 points
  • Ring = 5 points
  • Brooch = 15 points
  • Anklet = 20 points
  • Belly Bar = 50 points
  • Toe ring = 10 points
  • BONUS = Double points if it is an item of Ice Jewellery!

The guest that scores the most points is the winner!

Pass the prize

Wrap up a gift and give it to the hostess to hold onto then call out the list. The gift moves to the relevant person on the list. The person left holding the gift is the winner! Fast paced is better and lots of fun, a fab Ice breaker!

  1. Take this gift and without a sigh look around and give it to a person with brown eyes.
  2. Yes, you are the lucky one for a moment, but let us all share in the fun! Please look around with eyes discreet and give it to the one with the smallest feet.
  3. Your feet are tiny and very small, now hand it to someone very tall.
  4. Please take your time and don’t be hurried. Give it to the one who is longest married.
  5. You must be proud of your life, now please pass this to the newest wife.
  6. Of this parcel you are bereft, give it to the one on your left.
  7. The largest earrings I’m looking for now, if you are wearing them, step up and bow.
  8. Now to the person with buttons… big or small, any kind, the most you can find, gets the gift this time.
  9. Now don’t get cross and please don’t fight, but pass it to the person 3rd on your right.
  10. We should stop now, don’t you agree?

This gift is yours to keep with glee!!!!

The left/right game

Hand a wrapped prize to the nearest guest and ask them to pass it to the person on either their left or right when they hear left or right in the following speech:

The RIGHT family had just finished dinner.”I’m going to look for a job” said mother RIGHT. There’ no money LEFT in the savings account and with Christmas RIGHT around the corner, I don’t know how we’ll manage. “A job? But who will pick me up from school, take me to football club and scouts?” David RIGHT asked as he LEFT the kitchen. Mother RIGHT said to father RIGHT, “I’ll work part-time so I can work RIGHT round the kid’s busy schedules.” The hall telephone rang and father RIGHT LEFT to answer it. He rushed back into the kitchen and told mother RIGHT that it was Aunt Vicky RIGHT and she had just LEFT an interview and was coming RIGHT round to tell mother RIGHT all about it. Aunt Vicky RIGHT arrived and told mother RIGHT excitedly that she had just joined ‘Ice Jewellery’ as a consultant. Aunt Vicky RIGHT handed mother RIGHT the brand new catalogue pack with fabulous jewellery lines. Aunt Vicky RIGHT then proceeded to tell mother RIGHT that if she booked a party she could earn pounds worth of free jewellery and get a free gift. Aunt RIGHT also told mother RIGHT “it’s a fun and flexible opportunity that can be worked RIGHT round the busiest of schedules, and you get to earn up to 30% commission on all your sales”. Aunt RIGHT then LEFT and mother RIGHT made that all important call to Ice Jewellery for an information pack! The guest left holding the gift gets to keep it. This is great way of reinforcing the benefits of joining Ice Jewellery and hosting a party.


  • Prizes do not have to be big or expensive, just a small token gift.
  • Examples are; note book or pad, bottle of wine, chocolates/sweets, key ring, pen, address book, diary, trinket box, cake, biscuits, book, etc.
  • Gift wrap your prizes to add to the excitement and presentation.

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