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I decided that I wanted to set up my own business around 6 years ago, but it has taken me a long time to decide the type of business to set up.

I set up Bambino Boo, a children’s online boutique selling boutique clothing at discounted prices in July 2010, so I have been trading for less than a year, and so far it is going well and I am really enjoying it.

My idea for setting up a children’s online boutique started when a few people started asking me about a pair of shoes my son was wearing, I had bought from a boutique on the high street. They were different to anything that could be bought from a chain store as they were 100% leather and hand-stitched and I realised that most people were not aware of brands other than those found on the usual high street.

I then came up with a few different types of company I could set up all around children’s clothing, and started to do some research to understand what people were buying and if there was anything they would like to buy that was difficult to track down.

I also found that quite often when I took my son to his pre-school there were other children wearing the same clothes as my son.

I then realised that most people were not likely to buy boutique clothing as it tends to be expensive and it is seen as somewhere to buy clothes for a special occassion. This is when I decided to sell gorgeous and luxurious boutique clothing at high street prices. In this way, children will be almost uniquely clothed and you would be most unlikely to find other children wearing exactly the same clothing.

My biggest challenge so far has been getting a good ranking on Google and this will take time but I am getting there! Google Adwords has been a great help in starting to drive traffic to the website.

I have found that this style of working is perfect for me. I am able to be flexible, which allows me to take my daughter to school and collect her. I can also attend any school event without problem, and am basically able to be around a lot more than if I was employed.

To anybody out there who is seriously thinking of starting their own business, who thinks they have a good idea and who can motivate themselves, I’d say ‘Go for it!’

Naziana Searle, owner of Bambino Boo at and writer of a start-up business blog

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