Ways To Fund Training Courses That Can Change Your Career

More people than you realise find themselves leaving for work with the same fervour as a sullen teenager leaves for school. The air hangs heavy with dread and perpetual exhaustion over the possibility of another unfulfilled day. Your friends see it, your family sees it, even you see it – you are, to put it bluntly, one big ball of dissatisfaction. But what can you do about it?

Approaching a Career Change – Stop Holding Back!

The prospect of a career change – at any age – is a daunting one. Maybe you feel unskilled, maybe you feel too old or maybe you just think that good careers only happen to other people. Well, worry not, it doesn’t have to be this way. For every reason you’re holding back, there’s an option to help you take a step forward. The biggest hurdle you’ll have to face is you. Once you pass that, you can start thinking about the next big step: money.

Many of us would love to have the opportunity to go back to school or college, learn something new and have the chance to use it in the big wide world. Sadly, as we get older we find ourselves with more baggage than just a pair of old football boots and a PE kit. Children, pets, mortgages, existing student loan payments, that new car, replacing the kitchen floor, moving out of your parents’, the holiday you promised the family… the list goes on; every one with a price tag.

ways to fund training courses

How to Afford Your Dream Career Training Course

Fear not, there is good news! Learning doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s a few ways that could help:

Advanced Learner Loans

After you spend a few years bouncing around office or temporary jobs, you may find that your degree in Philosophy does not have the real world application that you once thought. That’s okay though, your studying days don’t have to be behind you. With the Advanced Learner Loan, you can receive help paying the costs of courses at college or with a training provider across England (alternative funding is available within Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales).

No credit checks, no repayments until you’ve completed your course, and no repayments until you’re earning at least £21,000 a year are just some of the benefits that the Advanced Learner Loans boast. If you’re concerned about other costs (childcare, travel, course materials) then you may even be eligible for a Bursary Fund loan, too.

Find out more about the Advanced Learner Loan here.

Course Loan Options

Some schools, colleges, and training facilities offer their own loans or funding options to help you get on your way. The Training Room offer loans for their courses so you can start learning and get one step closer to the job of your dreams. With no early repayment fees, a quick and easy application and a variety of courses to choose from, it’s almost hard to say no.

They even offer specific help to ex-servicemen, servicewomen, and reserves, so if you want to add another skill to that very particular set of yours, there’s nothing stopping you.

Find out how they can help you take those steps towards your new career here.

Apprenticeships and Company Invested Training

Changing careers doesn’t have to be the great leap into the unknown – sometimes it’s as simple as moving to a new department. Some companies have budget allocated for training and advancement. They may pay for your training directly whilst you ‘work off’ the value of the training.

For others, apprenticeship programmes may be available so that you can learn, work, and get that degree all at the same time. Find out more about becoming an apprentice and the companies you could work for here.

This can be beneficial for all parties involved: you can train for the skill that you want, have job security whilst you work, and your company ends up with a newly skilled employee. Win-win.

What Are You Waiting For?

So now you have the kids looked after, finances sorted, and maybe even some job security, what are you waiting for? Get training for your new career and get that job satisfaction you deserve!

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