Adulting Is Not That Easy, 6 Things You Didn’t Know.

As a child, so much of our lives were shrouded in mystery and magic.  Things just happen and get done, it’s like a daily miracle. Now as a fully-fledged responsible adult for 3 other humans and a man child I’m struct down by how freaking magnificent my mother was!

There are so many things that I never knew about! From how to buy breakdown insurance to how to make a house run like clockwork.
OK, my house never runs like clockwork!
Adulting Is Not That Easy, 6 Things You Didn't Know

Adulting Is Not That Easy, 6 Things You Didn’t Know:

  1. Cars Are An Endless Pit Of Money: We live in a rural area which is beautiful but man you need a car to get ANYWHERE! Cars are like an evil necessity, my school run takes me an hour over each time and yes I get to drive through the beautiful New Forest but they are such a money drain! Petrol, Instant Breakdown Insurance, Road Tax, petrol, wear and tear repairs and then there’s petrol! The list never ends!  Lucky if you use a comparison site like Protect Your Family you can save money on insurance and such.
  2. Washing: Sometimes I wonder where the extra people who live in my house are? No matter how many loads of laundry I do, nobody has any clothes to wear? Socks never have a matching friend and every single towel we own is always wet? It’s a mystery!
  3. You Will Never Stop The Hunger: No matter how much food you give children, they are always still hungry. How? Why? Nobody knows it’s one of life’s mysteries. Also no matter what you cook, they will always turn up a nose and look at you with utter disgust, how dare you cook a roast dinner with only one type of potato.  Why is gravy touching my cheesy leaks! The struggle is real my friend.
  4. Water Is Not Actually Free: All those times your mum told you to drink the tap water as it’s free. It’s a lie …. water is not free.  In Dorset, I actually pay two companies for the privilege of fresh running tap water on a daily basis.
  5. Going To Bed Early Is The Dream: You spend your whole childhood waiting for the moment you are old enough to stay up as long as you like. Until you become an adult and nothing is more exciting than a cup of tea, followed by an early night (in clean sheets! If you ever master point 2!)
  6. Talking About The Weather Is A Hot Topic: Suddenly, I mean it is literally overnight you enter adulthood and become a weather connoisseur. You become unable to converse with any other human being without mentioning the weather, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, looks like rain, a bit windy today. I kid you not!

I feel like this post should be reading for all grotty teens! It’s not magic nor a mystery, it’s a mum (and/or dad) working their arse off to make your life seamless.

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