Facebook Tip #7 – Photographs

#joannedewberry facebookFacebook has a really great facility when it comes to adding photographs but one that isn’t utilised to it’s maximum potential. It only takes a few minutes to get your images organised.

Here are my 9 top tips to using images effectively on Facebook:-

  1. Remember Google doesn’t “see” images as we do so ensuring that you have descriptions in place are vital.
  2. If you have your business set as a place tag the location as your business location
  3. Equally if the image has been taken somewhere else tag this location (great for events)
  4. Link back to your website – especially if its an image of a product, great way to grab impulse buyers.wrap
  5. For special offers and one off’s add paypal links to images – this also attracts impulse buyers and is easy to do. (Login to paypal, go to merchant services, website standard, buy now buttons and create from there)
  6. Organise into nice neat albums labelled with titles, descriptions, locations and dates.
  7. Everyso often edit the “timeline” album into the correctly labelled album. This will bump your images to the top of your timeline again which reintroduces them to your fanbase AND keeps them organised.
  8. Re-share images with new updates.  Instead of just posting a status update re-share an image with your new information.
  9. Tag businesses and people (if you can – some settings won’t allow you) as its a great way to share and promote an image to specific people.

Do you have any other tips for making Facebook images work for you?




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