SO, am I am Mumpreneur then?

In 2006 BC (before children), I worked fulltime (and some) for the National Autistic Society. I loved my role, was moving up the ladder, and had plans for doing extra courses (etc) in order to build on my role and specialise in different areas. Then Kieran….!

A few weeks before I was due to return to work I went back for my “back to work” meeting. And resigned. I had no intention of doing that when I walked in but it was the right thing to do and we have never looked back.

Now apparently some wise-arse was once quoted as saying “Money can’t buy happiness”, well I suppose that is true, but not having any isn’t a barrel-full of laughs either so very quickly I had to make some money. I earned pin money for a few months doing Avon whilst I looked around and gave that up shortly after doing Usborne Books and starting to build my own retail business. I did very well with it too, had a very large team, a monthly income and enjoyed it for nearly three years but to be honest, I lost the passion for it. I didn’t love selling, and it wasn’t getting easier to keep the motivation up when the economy started to slide, and it became harder and harder to keep the money coming in. I had to make a decision, fight to keep it going, or move on. I chose to move on. Not an easy decision but one I’m glad I made as what I am doing now, I love.

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