What’s in a name??

Why do we choose a particular name for our business??

With Networking Mummies it was simple we were mummies and we networked! Genius I know!

Charlie Moo’s is named after my son Charlie who we have always called Moo.  No great story there I’m afraid!!

handmade fabric party bags

I posted the question on my Facebook Business Page and here are a few replies :

It would appear my Charlie Moo’s example isn’t the only one with many mums choosing their children as their inspiration.  With names such as Little Lilypad Co after a daughter with the middle name Lily.  Sue Akester’s business Isabel Tiaras after a daughter Isabel said “I think it makes it feel a bit more personal for me. The ‘why’ is a constant reminder to me”

little lily pad

Sticking with the theme of our children Charlotte Barnett added “My business is called  ‘No Sacrifice‘ because of being sick of sacrificing my son by being employed in jobs that don’t fit around him (after me working 2pm-10pm in one job and him crying as i never got o see him, then in another job where I’d have to leave him in childcare at 7:45am and not get home from work until 7pm) Also linked it to never sacrificing style for cost again :)” I think we can all relate to that.

Louisa Harman from the lovely Lulubelle Cakes said  “One of my best friends came up with my business name – she’s always called me Lulubelle!”

tempest ahoy

New Australian Business Tempest Ahoy was “Named after my pre exisiting blog…basically to do with whatever mind storm comes next! That and I like the sound of it 🙂 Nothing wrong with being a bit tempestuous every now and again!” loving your style Kelly!

Karen from Networking Mummies Hampshire and all round crafter used her name as the inspiration.  “Kazies Magical Design are my maiden names initials Karen Margeret Davies and my dad use to call me Kazie when I was little.” Aww so sweet!

As always I would love to hear your feedback about why you choose your small business name?

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