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I am 29 years old and 2010 sees me turning 30! Ekkk! Together with my very supportive and utterly fabulous partner David (Daddy Moo), our two beautiful children, 3 year old son Charlie (MOO) and 1 year old daughter Megan, we live in rural Dorset.

I spent my pre-child life as a Nursery School Manager, after having travelled a bit (where Daddy Moo and I met! Living the high life as holiday reps in Turkey) I set upon my career in childcare and started doing a Bsc Degree with the Open University (which I still am completing now! When I fell pregnant in 2006 I knew that being a full time mum was the way I wanted to go and Daddy Moo supported my decision fully.

After a while though my head began to fill with dribble and I missed the mental stimulation a job had given me and thus Charlie Moo’s was born. I was disheartened by the rubbish party bags, Charlie, had received at parties. not only did they break straight away, but items where either very age inappropriate or made of plastic.One party he received near enough a whole bag of chocolate. It became a slightly stressful experience. Charlie would wonder out of the party tightly clutching a plastic bag in his hand and we would either fight with him to get rid off the bits he could not have or have him hand us stuff as we said no, in most cases he would be left with a balloon and some bubbles. I took the plunge to build and start up my website after Megan was born in August 2008. I became very adapt at typing with one finger whilst breast feeding at 2am. I now sew all the fabric bags myself too.

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