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#joannedewberry facebookOne of the most popular questions I am asked is “Can you help me to increase visibility and comments on my Facebook page? and the truth is NO.  I can’t physically make people like and comment on your posts – hey if I could I’d be VERY popular 😉

BUT you can do things to help promotion and interaction.

  • To increase visibility you MUST POST daily – sporadic posting is the biggest FB fail! I know I can here you all groaning …. but remember you can schedule updates in so that when you do post it’s more natural and less “argh I have to post something”!  Heather Smith, from Musical Steps Bournemouth recently commented on a post about scheduling and daily posting saying “Yes JD, this is great advice. You suggested I do this a few months ago & it’s made a great difference to my page x”  
  • Engage with your users – if someone has shared your post then say thanks or reply to the comment they have shared with.  Always reply to comments and posts on your wall.  Making likers feel valued will ensure they come back time and time again.
  • Content is key but make sure its the right content and at the right time! Have a look in your insights, in the main page you will see the past 10 posts or so in date order, click on reach to alter the list to highest reached. Now hover over the date and see what time of day it was do a couple and work out an average or pattern.  This will help you to maximise your audience, also check out what the media was – do you get the most responses to links, images or updates.
  • Reposting and sharing images explaining to your likers how to get the maximum coverage is pointless … half won’t bother and half probably already see you in their feeds enough anyway.
  • What works for some pages won’t always work for you …. remember to go and check your insights.  I run a few pages and some pages benefit from links in the original post – some pages however links get the least views so posting the link in the comments works better.  Some pages – take JoanneDewberry.co.uk gets so few views when I post images but yet Giltrow Land Management thrives on images I end up posting pictures of the children in the garden to accompany garden related content!

I *think* to make your page a thriving community the key thing is to KNOW your page and update EVERYDAY!

If you have any other tips please do post below.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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