A Day in the life of …. Lolly and Boo

I’m surprised that I can’t actually juggle as I seem to do a fair amount of it since I began my little business, Lolly & Boo.  To add to my fairly hectic life with my husband, Charlie, and our two gorgeous girls (Olivia age 4 and Alice now 9 months), at the start of the year I began making pictures.  I had already said that if I ever started making things I would name the business after the girls’ nicknames and after an inspiring chat with my cousin at Christmas I got started.  What was once a “I’ll make a couple for the girls and maybe a few for presents but I don’t want to be making them every night” has grown into a mini enterprise!  The first time someone actually paid money for something I had made was very exciting and satisfying.  You see when I’m not on maternity leave I’m also a lawyer.  Lolly & Boo and law don’t exactly go hand in hand.

The majority of my time is of course spent chasing my girls around and during the day I try to fit in the admin side of what I do.  I am still surprised how much time that does take up between buying supplies, dealing with orders and trying to spread the word about Lolly & Boo.  The hardest part is persuading retailers to take your products, although I’ve quickly learned not to be offended if they don’t like or “get” what I do!  I also attend a few craft fairs and the preparation for those is huge – it doesn’t matter if you are going to sell out (I wish) or sell nothing, you’ve still got to have a full stall!

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