£5 advertising challenge ….

“You only have £5 to spend on promoting your business what would you do?”

(Let’s tackle this as in we already have flyers, business cards etc …)

Some of you will be reading that statement and straight away your mind is thinking about traditional advertising strategies. So lets get rid of them straight away and then move on innovative ideas.

  • Most shops/newsagents etc .. with noticeboards will charge 40p a week to put up a flyer.  So if you put a notice up for 4 week you’d have enough money to do 3 shops with 20p left over.
  • £5 could be used for petrol money to drive you to a suitable area to do a flyer drop for your business.
  • Join a small business membership forum such as MumpreneurUK or Mumsclub £5 per month – access to business tools/advertising /online networking etc ..
  • Go to a face to face Networking Group – I got to one that is for Women in Management its £5 for 2 hours plus refreshments.  Great opportunity to learn, meet new people, hand out business literature
  • Make a new business buddy – invite a local business for a cuppa tea.  Most coffee shops have free wifi.
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