Kitchen Stools Direct – Review

I was so surprised at how easy the stool was to put together!! Excellent start! I was foreman, Moo unwrapper and my mum actually put it together (and so far no fatal accidents! Winner 😉 )  The stool I received pictured right is called  the Wishbone Kitchen Stool and retails at £108.95 (although on sale for £79.95)

We popped moo on top who nearly passed out from fear! It went uber high for a 4 year old – tester number 1 #fail!

I did struggle a bit to get on and off it but this is more due to the fact that being 38 weeks pregnant I resemble more of a weable than a person!! – tester number 2 #fail!

Phew in walks Daddy Moo tester number 3!!
So what did Daddy Moo like??

    1. Visually – looked nice.
    2. Loved the arm rests don’t get these on many bar stools.
    3. Easy to adjust the height

BUT .. as with everything there were a few points.

  1. The back rest was a bit low for Daddy Moo cutting mid back so not great for leaning back into or long periods of  sitting.
  2. He felt it was a little bit wobbly and wondered if it was necessary for it to go so high?



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