Blog Features

When I first started this blog is was a way to collate all my articles, awards, videos, information on Social Networking etc … stuff that didn’t always fit in with either Charlie Moo’s or Networking Mummies.  But over the first month I noticed that I knew lots of people whom could impart lots of useful information.  So I am now starting regular features.

  • A Day in the Life of …. 200/300 words, images and links to your website about you and your day, how you juggle clients, business, children and family life.
  • Social Networking tips – Facebook and Twitter – but if you use a social networking platform for your business shout!!
  • Guide to Party Planning as a business …. if you run a party plan business get in touch
  • Time Management Tips every first Monday of the month with the amazing Kate over at Your Ad Hoc PA

I’m sure I will start to think of some more to add but if your in business and fancy contributing give me a shout by leaving a comment.

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