A mum’s guide to networking on and offline

Networking is vital for small businesses. It’s a free and fun way to promote yourself. And, in this technical world, it exists in different flavours and for all kinds of people – even the shy!

When I first started my business, I felt intimidated and too inexperienced to go to networking events.

I was, and still am, a full-time mum to Charlie (3 years old) and Megan (1 years old). Time is of the essence, and sometimes networking just isn’t an option for mums. Like breakfast meetings. Who wants to babysit at 7am?!

Social networking

So I joined the world of social networking, and this really worked to increase my knowledge and my confidence. But it’s no good just joining Facebook and having a Fan Page. You need to update it every day and interact with your customers. This in itself can be time consuming and you can get easily sidetracked. So give yourself a limit that you’ll only spend, say, 15 minutes working on it.

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