Mumsclub Business Mum of the Year Short Listing

I was really shocked the other day to receive a nomination email for the Business Mums Awards.  I’d been so busy with the Recruitment Fair that this seemed to have passed by without me noticing.

I’ve been up all night with a poorly Charlie Moo after 2 trips to the Dr’s including a midnight jaunt, lots of vomit and crying later, he was finally snuggled up in bed with Daddy.  Now most people would have flaked out too … but sadly its 8am and I have a very excited 2 year old whirlwind in the shape of Megan singing and dancing so I thought I’d take a 5 minute break to read my ever increasing emails.  It seems for every one I deal with and filed another 4 appear!

But emails starting ‘congratulations‘ are always welcome!!

I’m so pleased to have been short listed for Best Business Mum!!  Such an honour and I was so pleased to see Victoria Dixon from Enhance-me, who frequently contributes to this blog and is an all round star, short listed too.

Business Mum
So if you have 5 mins please pop along and vote!