Facebook Fanpage Scheduling is HERE!!!!

If I was to have a Fanpage wish list this would definitely have been near the top!!
I mean scheduling really is a must for any business small business!
I schedule blog posts in so they post at appropriate times and in appropriate stages and not as I write them at stupid o’clock and 4 at a time 😉
I schedule in the odd sales tweet now and then.
So it’s been really annoying not to have been able to do this on Facebook!!

This handy image explains exactly how you schedule an update on your Fanpage.


I did several the other night I did find only a handful of the scheduled updates posted onto Twitter.  I updated manually inbetween to check that the Facebook to Twitter app was working and it was fine.   So I’m sure this is just a glitch in the system and will be rectified soon.

This is a great tool for time saving. I must just now remember to use it 😉 !!

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