5 top tips from bloggers in the know.

Following on from my post 5 Ways to drive traffic to your blog I have 5 top tips from bloggers in the know.

  1. blogVicky from Single Mother Ahoy says –  “My best blogging tip is to be sociable with all the other bloggers out there – you pick up more tips and ideas, collaborations, guest posts, shares of your blog, and a massive knowledge base if you have a question either about blogging or your personal life.”
  2. Helen suggests – “Blog with a purpose. If you’re blogging for business, know who you’re trying to appeal to and what you’d like them to do e.g. do you want them to phone you, sign up for your mailing list, understand how you can help them or something else? Have a purpose for your blog as a whole and ideally a purpose for each post, too.”  Helenlindop.com
  3. Enjoy it! If you enjoy what you are doing it will shine through, your writing will be better for it, and people will enjoy reading it more! Blog about things that really matter to you.” I like this tip from Kate FamilyFever it’s true if I have lost momentum I usually don’t blog for a week or two and reintroduce old posts  via sharing and commenting.
  4. “Having an engaging image that is relevant to the article is always a great draw and also makes it easier to share on engage with on social media platforms.” Business Amongst Mums
  5. Charlotte from The Mummy Blogger top tip is “to keep it concise & highlight the main point of the post quickly to keep readers entertained.”  Which is really useful advice from a business blogger point of view I find posts laid out with bullet point snippets of information much more useful and reader friendly than reams of writing.

If you have a great blogging tip to share please do so in the comments.

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