Business Start Up – Tidy Trays

My son, “decided” that he didn’t want to be puree fed so let him feed himself from 6 months, the downside of this is the mess!  Once when we ate out at restaurant the high-chair tray was filthy and was then cleaned with a cloth from the mop bucket! To cut a long story short I found Tidy Trays in Canada, as they cover the highchair tray, it eliminated the use of chemicals when I cleaned a tray.  I took redundancy in December 2009, and began to spend more time thinking about the gap in the market. I didn’t want to go back to work full-time and wanted to start my own business!

I contacted Tidy Trays in Canada by email and secured the distribution rights for the UK and Ireland.  They had only just launched there as well, so we are finding our feet together.

I have used social media to my advantage to spread the word of Tidy Trays by using Twitter, mummy bloggers, free advertising in exchange for a Tidy Tray competition and so on.  In addition, I have used all my contacts and friends where I can! I even get my printing done in exchange for occasional babysitting! Anything that doesn’t cost me much is appreciated!!

Tidy Trays UK is funded by my redundancy and sales. We are exhibiting at the Baby Show for Trade and the Baby Show in October, which is daunting but I do find people so helpful and there don’t seem to nearly as many egos as in the corporate world!!!

Kerri Lister from